dinsdag 25 februari 2014

Looking back at 2013 and some custom builds.

Last year I started selling pedals on eBay to see how it is to sell pedals to people I don't know in person. It was a bit of a tryout to see if I would like it to build batches of the same pedal, or if I should just keep it as a hobby for myself and sometimes for friends.
I really enjoyed last year! I met really cool people, discoverd new bands that otherwise I would have never heard of and had really great feedbacks on the pedals that I have built. I have sold them mainly in Europe, but also a couple overseas. At the end of 2013 I have sold almost 50 pedals which is not a bad start.

So for this year I will continue with ElectricMonkeyFX and take it step by step a bit further. I'm planning on building a website, doing demo video's and make everything look a bit more professional in general. Still I haven't set up a "pedal line" yet, so I will just keep trying different pedals this year. I will continue building Big Muffs anyway because I still think everyone should own one.

In the beginning of this year I also did some custom builds. One was a Ampeg Scrambler clone with an added booster stage, volume control and jacks on the top. The other one was a Violet Ramshead Big Muff clone with a black/yellow theme.

OK that was it for now.... But I will write soon because I have finished a "new" pedal!