zondag 24 november 2013

The Eraser

A few months ago I was working on an Ampeg Scrambler clone and even built a couple. But since I'm always working on different projects at the the same time and enjoyed the long light days of the summer, I almost forgot about it. But now, with the winter coming and the days getting darker and darker again, I'm re-looking at some projects that I was working on and listen to them with a pair of "fresh" ears.

So what did I do with the Scrambler... well, not that much. I changed the second transistor by going through my tansistor collection to find the one I think sounds best in this circuit. It happened to be one of the really cool metal can ones :-) I also changed the bias a bit to give it slightly more sustain. Still, this is not a fuzz you should buy for endless sustain. That is all.
I also experimented with boosters at the end (a populair mod) and something to give it more drive in the beginning. But then I was thinking that most people already have pedals on their board to do that job for them, which is why I decided to keep it basic, just like the original.

This pedal sounds cool as a stand alone on guitar and bass, but unlike most other fuzz pedals, this one really sounds best when placed bit later in the effect chain. Drive it with a distortion, tubescreamer or whatever and you will hear the real potential of this pedal. Going from a straight on fuzz to weird octave up wild fuzz sounds.

I have built a couple of them and I will do a couple more. I'm going to sell them as auction on eBay so grab yourself one ;-)

Also, I'm working on something really cool (at least that is what I'm thinking) which is on my breadboard right now... almost finished.

Oh and of course some pictures.