zondag 16 juni 2013

New names.

I never have problems thinking about which pedal to build next. Searching on the internet for interesting schematics or finding interesting old Fuzz pedals on eBay inspire me for my next builds. If I find or build something I think more people should own, then I build a couple and sell them. If I don't like how they turned out, they end up in a drawer where most of the time they stay for good.

What I do have a problem with though is finding names for them...When we drive back home with my band or when we are on tour we have a few favorite subjects we like to talk about. Like music/bands, cartoons we used to watch, toys that we used to (or still) have and movies, in particular bad action and horror movies. During one of these conversations it came to me that I should inspire myself to the movies that I used to love when I was a kid. Guys like Schwarznegger, Stallone, van Damme and Bronson where my heroes.

I have now two pedals that I will keep building for a while. Of both of them I own the original, and since prices of vintage Fuzz pedals are going crazy, I feel like I have to build them so that everyone can afford one. I just change some small things that I think are missing or just make more sense to me in the sound or function.

The "Green Muffin" will now be called "The Barbarian" and the "Fuzz Machine" will now be called "The Fuzzinator".


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