zondag 16 juni 2013


I'm starting to get more and more orders and sales via eBay. So many that I have a hard time to keep my pedals in stock... and I only have two models. For me it is just something I do in the evening and weekends to relax and feel good by knowing there are people using and enjoying something I have built. At the moment I don't even have time to work on some new projects which eventually could become new models.

Anyway, you can also order pedals direct from me by just dropping me an email at: electricmonkeyfx@gmail.com I can't promise the pedal will be in stock (I'm doing my best to) but I can tell you when it will be. You  pay me when the pedal is ready to ship and if you changed your mind, no problem I will sell it to someone else;) I even give a discount of 5 euro on the eBay price. Hey, if I don't have to pay my eBay fee I can give those 5 Euros back to you.


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