maandag 20 mei 2013


Normally I don't build the Evil-Eye on request... I like to keep it as my little project that I build as an eBay-only, but last week  I had a request for a pink version of the Evil-Eye and it was too tempting not to do it.
A while ago I had bought a huge stash of NOS parts and I have played with these components in the Evil Eye. Sometimes they are a bit brighter and sometimes a bit darker, just depending on my mood and whatever cool parts are coming out of the drawers ;)
On this project I have also been working on some "new" things that have been on my mind for a while.
First of all, I gave the circuit board a nice matching color with the outside... I know that a pedal is a box of which you don't see the inside, but for me it's always really important that everything looks nice and tight also where you probably will never take a look at. No wonder whenever I buy something new, the first thing I do is always screwing that something open to check out the inside. Second, I moved the DC input to the top which I will do with more models if I have enough space. Third, I have bought a really nice wire, a bit thicker than normal. Its thickness doesn't change anything as far as the sound is concerned, but for me it just makes things look a bit nicer:)
The guy who ordered the pink Evil Eye loved its looks and really digged the sound. In a nutshell, he is happy and that makes me happy too.

At the moment I'm still playing with the Bee Baa Fuzz circuit. I've stripped it down to just the Fuzz part and tried to make it sound even better. I didn't really like the Tone control in this unit, so I'm trying different ones to improve this circuit. The sound is already so huge and doomy that I'm not even sure if it is safe to use at loud levels;)
I hope I will be able to start building some prototypes of this unit real soon. In the mean time I can start thinking of a name and the looks, who knows maybe pink...



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