zaterdag 4 mei 2013

Green Muffin

OK I haven't blogged anything for longer then I wanted. So what have I been doing? First of all I have been on tour with my band in the UK. We played some really cool shows, met really nice people and saw some cool bands. I've also learned that next time I have to bring some finished pedals with me on the road if I want to put up my sales a bit more;)

Then I have been working on some new projects. I had a great review on one of my Evil Eye pedals. The guy was about giving up on fuzz pedals for him but was curious about my version... Turned out that he loved it. So first thing I had to do after coming back home was building another one and putting it on ebay;)

I also got my hands on an original Tall Font Big Muff complete with the original wooden box, battery cover and most of its paint. So for me there was no choice but building another Big Muff clone to compare my version to the original. I added one of my favorite mods to it (well it's not mine but you know what I mean) by adding a mid knob to it. The sound with the mid knob pointing at the N of gain sounds really close to the original. But by boosting the mids you are now able to cut trough the band mix and being heard.

I always loved Big Muff's for their sound (and hated the mid dip) but when I learned about the circuit itself and all the mods you can do with them (I think I have tried them all) I loved it even more. So if you are looking for a certain Muff of any era with any mods that you think are needed for you, let me know.

Talking about Big Muff's there is one frustrating me to clone... The opamp version. I think I have a pretty good clone of it, but I also own an original. The sound of the original is so much richer but I can't figure out why. Every now and then I start working on it again, comparing every part and trying to capture that rich sound... Really, there is some magic in an original opamp Big Muff.

Next planned project is starting to play with the Bee Baa circuit:)

Anyway, I'm on vacation right now and will be for another week;) So if I'm slow in answering emails its because I'm relaxing somewhere without wifi. But I will be checking my inbox every now and then;)


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