donderdag 28 maart 2013

New prototype: Ampeg Scrambler clone

I have been working on this one for a while now. First on a breadboard on my desk and now in a nice enclosure as a prototype. Damn, I really like this fuzz! It is so much different than any other fuzz and yet so usable with a ton of different sounds in it. It sounds great with Guitar and maybe even better with Bass:)

I used a really common mod on this one by placing a booster behind it. So now it has volume control and it can drive your amp a little further.

For now it goes to some friends and comes with me on tour. After that, and if everyone is a happy camper, I'm going to build a small batch of these. I only haven't came up with a name for it yet... but I kind of suck at these things. I'm better at building pedals than coming up with "cool" names for them;)

Anyway, here is an inside pic of the prototype.


Some reviews: Fuzz-Machine and Tonebender Jumbo clone.

The first couple Fuzz-Machines have been shipped out and I got a nice review in return:) I always like to get reviews and to hear about the gear that you have used with it.

For all non-Dutchies it's going to be a nice challange, but you can always use google translate... anyway here it is:

Ik ben erg aangenaam verrast met het geluid.
Ik gebruik hem niet met een gitaar maar met een analoge monofone synth!
De fuzz klinkt zeer goed, maar het beste is zeker weten de vele soorten fuzz die dit pedaal produceert.
Met de 2 knoppen zijn aardig wat verschillende fuzz tonen mogelijk.
Inclusief veel laag, wat ik erg belangrijk vindt.
Kortom: een zeer fijne aanwinst voor mijn collectie en dubbel zijn geld waard.
Ik heb ook een MXR grande bass fuzz en vindt die van jouw echt stukken beter klinken.

I also had a review for a custom-built Tonebender Jumbo clone that I have done. I own an original one and it is such a great Fuzz on both Bass and Guitar.

Again it is in Dutch...

Mooi ding! Klinkt lekker, mooi controleerbaar low-end, niet gevoelig voor gebufferde signalen ervoor (bv. een compressor of univibe) wat te gek is. En veel gain als je wilt. Oh en ziet er cool uit ook :-)

Als fuzz liefhebber heb ik er flink wat staan en deze past zonder meer tussen de bekende "boutique" merken. Zit nu in mijn pedalenbak en daar blijft 'ie voorlopig!

maandag 11 maart 2013

First post.

I opened this blog quite a while ago, but never really used it. Since I noticed that people are actually checking it I have decided that I should start posting. Or else it's a bit boring coming here and nothing to be seen.

I'm working on a small batch of Fuzz Machines (Ibanez Standard Fuzz clones). They are a bit updated to today's standards and have a lot more volume then the original. Also there is now the possibility to blend between the two tone modes for a greater variety of sounds. They will be available on Ebay or you can contact me for direct orders.

Also I'm currently working on a couple "new" designs to extend my line. I hope to show some sneak pics really soon.

I also keep building Evil-Eye's (silicon Fuzz Face) every now and then. They will keep appearing as an Ebay only, starting off from 1 Euro.